Upcoming Events

Tuesday (Today)

No events scheduled


Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer's League
5th Edition Modules
6:00 PM


Warhammer 40k
No entry fee. You are required to have your own army to participate.
6:00 PM
Cardfight Vanguard
Standard Ruleset $5 entry
6:30 PM
Final Fantasy TCG
Standard Format $5 entry
6:30 PM


Friday Night Magic
Standard Format
6:30 PM
Friday Night Magic
Modern Format
6:30 PM


Pokemon School and League
Come in and learn how to play the Pokemon TCG!
11:00 AM
Magic the Gathering
Standard Format Pricing varies week to week based on current product release schedules so check on Facebook for further info.
12:30 PM
Drago Ball Super TCG
Standard Format $10 entry
1:00 PM
Magic The Gathering
Casual Commander
3:00 PM


Boardgame Club
Bring in your own boardgames and have some fun!
11:30 AM


No events scheduled


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